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At pmworks we like to break things and we aren't afraid of changes. We'd like to help you make a great impact with your next big thing. In our hearts, we like to build UIs for the future.


pmworks mainly does User Experience and User Interface design for web, desktop and mobile applications. We will update shortly and show you how we do it by examples: we like to call it design for Sparse-Dense Information Flow.

Think of SDIF design like a functional approach, where speed, clatter-free, data only, robustness/consistency, along with typography, since it's functional to usability) is king. To give you an idea we tend to not like user interfaces like the Mac OS X. Sometimes the skeuomorphic principles are taken to extreme levels and actually limit the usability or hurt the accessibility.

We've designed Content Managements Systems, Complex Applications, Interactive Experiences, Data Visualizations and Information Design, for clients like Armani or La7.


Everyone likes to build things: solid development is the basics of every technological need for future companies. At pmworks we use the latest processes to help you build faster, available, and stable software.

We've helped world-class designers or big companies shine at their user experience engineering.

Research & Development

pmworks research, our skunkworks branch, is what drives our vision of future technologies. We work tirelessly to ensure that all our efforts are heading to the correct direction.

Just to make an example, with our current effort to build the interaction models and UIs for the next-generation systems, we can see what techs to peak and what to discard.

What can a startup with creative agency roots do in R&D? Thats a good question, read more about the Evolutionary Vision Model.

pmworks research - research and development

research and development