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Creative Agency by day, Reasearch & Development skunkworks by night, our mission is to inspire other people to innovate.

We believe we can help you differentiate from competitors not only by providing cutting-edge experiences but also highly technical results.

A bit of history

pmworks started out as a Digital Agency, in 2008 as PM Works Corporation Shpk in Albania. Our clients made us diversificate our services and products, and as an agency we were at contact with almost always the latest technologies and creative processes.

The new pmworks: To live forever, break habits.

You see, when your own motto is Always the next step: To live forever, break habits. and you're a technologist, you see a constant stream of opportunities. You don't simply want to be part of the future any more, you want to knowingly change the events stream.

We, ourselves, want to do this by building the neccessary infrastructures and means for those people, and since you're here reading this we expect you to be one of them.

Current pmworks focus

Except for the skunkworks projects by pmworks research, our current focus is: mentor and implement design and development for young startups who are challenging the world; provide creative services to companies who need it through pmworks creative (always in the form of design and development); progress with our vision through our pmworks reasearch branch.

pmworks research - research and development

research and development