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2009 04 01 What the … ?! Our next service may be a Killer of Large Companies like Google.

It’s true! In late 2009 we are planning to release a new service codenamed Kudite (, currently down). Unfortunately we cannot disclose much details about Kudite but we really want to share something.

On the right you have a screenshot. The service is not on alpha stage even, and is a screenshot as seen from inside pmworks.

Kudite - Screenshot

Kudite - Screenshot

While all startups focus only on small parts of technology to develop and then sell it to the big companies, Kudite was built to revolutionize this scheme and compete, and also integrate, with the current large companies. Those tech startups don’t just have enough nuts to be a threat to companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, or Yahoo!. Kudite (in this case pmworks) aims to be an open and transparent company.

We are now in stealth mode, and currently we don’t have a fund company to finance our work. A bit of the strength of Kudite is in the fact that we are reducing expensive parts of the project, making it highly cost reliable.

At the moment we cannot share other details but you can easily imagine what it could be. We will share other information as soon as we can.

The service will follow some changes in pmworks, and a refocus of the company’s values.

Remember to follow us on Twitter (@pmworks) and here on our official blog.

Investors and Press can email us on, you’ll be contacted back as soon as possible.

Note: Ah. Today also is the April Fools’ Day, and this post could be seen like a joke from us. But we’re telling the truth, even it’s April Fools’ Day joke.

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