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2011 12 30 pmworks change: we can now test our Evolutionary Vision Model

This is a guest post by Pasion Mura, HCI researcher, UX Designer, and founder and current CEO of pmworks.

September 26, 2011 marks the initial public changes after our announced refocus of the company. After more then 2 years of evolution the new brand for pmworks is ready to hit the public grounds.

The old pmworks logo to be used till the end of this month (Sept 2011). We will later resuscitate the P symbol.

Started as a Digital Agency in 2007, and incorporated in 2008, pmworks has become a leading force in our home country, but we want more: we want a flexible startup to tackle advanced problems in technology. Unfortunately the agency model was an impediment to the nature of flexible startup we needed.


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2011 12 11 pmworks blog is back!

After the long transition we can finally resume writing on the pmworks blog. This year was very long and difficult, but nothing in spite of what expects us in the future.

Stay tuned for the shortly upcoming post about the pmworks change!

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2009 03 03 PM Works rebranding

Hi all!

We announce today that PM Works, from the end of the month to the next, will get a major rebrand. As such the pmworks website and this blog will be redesigned to match the new brand strategy. During this period the website may go down from time to time, to allow us make the necessary changes.

The website will be rebuilded and developed from scratch. The changes will affect the redesign and the development of the website, followed by the move on a new platform.

All this is due to the arrival of a new product and service from us on the market. We will update about this soon.

During this time you may want to follow us via email ( or via Twitter.

Our apologieses for every inconvenience this may provide.

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