PM Works Corporation Sh.p.k.

pmworks research logopmworks research

We design, develop and research user experiences and HCI for web applications, platforms and technologies.

pmworks is a design, research and development startup for those seeking and building next-generation technologies.   case studies >

We and our collaborators have worked with:

  • Armani
  • Telecom Italia
  • La7
  • ARC Albania
  • Rold Group
  • Aleksander & Ke

pmworks creativepmworks creative - creative design and development

Through agile and creative processes, we design and develop engaging experiences for web applications or platforms.

pmworks creative is our Digital Agency division, which is the foundation of pmworks itself. We can help you create more compelling experiences for your users. Find out how >.

pmworks research - research and development

We no longer want to just sit back and watch the future getting built by others. Don't you also want to actually build it? pmworks reasearch is here to break ground.

We use Human-Computer Interaction to find interesting problems to advance in other fields like Systems research. We find and prototype visions for the Creative branch to then productify. Projects like Ptizo are spin-offs of more advanced R&D research goals. We do skunkworks projects only!